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The 5 Step Fire Damage Restoration Process

12/18/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage The 5 Step Fire Damage Restoration Process Fire damage in Todd Creek, CO

The 5 Step Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire is one of the greatest inventions to this day, but despite its usefulness, it is one of the most destructive forces in the world. It has the ability to reduce everything to ashes within minutes. Life goes on even after a fire in home or a fire in the business. Fire damage restoration is one of the first processes that take place after the authorities have made an analysis of the remains of the building and declared it as safe. Some of the effects of an inferno are soot damage, smoke damage and this can cause serious damage including staining and corroding countertops, walls, and ceilings.

Every damage caused by a fire is different and this calls for unique and tailor made solutions, despite the general fire restoration remaining the same. In this guide, we look at the steps to take in the fire damage restoration after a fire in the home or fire in business.

Emergency commercial fire damage contact

Many people only call a fire engine to put out the flames with little regards for the restoration process. Commercial fire damage companies are among the people necessary on the ground as the firefighters extinguish the fire. A commercial fire damage company will come in handy in ensuring that the damages are reversible by acting as fast as possible to provide relief for your property.

One of the most important emergency contacts to have is that of a commercial fire damage or restoration company. The restoration company will prevent the fire damage from spreading to other areas of the property.

Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment

After the firefighters have left the scene, the restoration company takes over and starts inspecting the building. They also take time and assess the extent of the soot damage and smoke damage caused by the fire. This involves checking how far the fire reached, as well as the extent of the smoke damage on the surfaces. They also look into soot damage and smoke damage on the walls, furniture, and other surfaces.

This step is crucial since for the commercial fire damage company to perform their duties, they must gain an understanding of the fire damage. It also allows them to formulate a plan of action that is essential when quoting the price to charge, and the time it will take to restore the property.

Board Up, Tarp, and Sealing Services

The greatest damage of fires occurs on the roof, windows, and doorways. Fire damage restoration companies always board up any holes to prevent further soot damage and smoke damage. They have professionals in various ranks that will board up, tarp and seal off any opening that might compromise the security of the items in the property. The restoration company will board up any openings on the roof, and walls to prevent further damage.

Fire Cleanup

After a fire in home or fire in business, properties look dark, charred, stained, and a nasty smoke smell. After the sealing and tarping off all holes in the roof and missing windows, the restoration company will start the fire cleanup process. This includes removal of soot, smoke, and dust from the surfaces. This aims to leave your property looking as normal as possible without the smoke smell. After clearing away of the soot, smoke, and dust, it is only then can the company start water damage restoration arising from busted pipes during the fire.

During the fire cleanup, the restoration company removes the smoke smell arising from the fire, especially in the curtains, carpets, in the property. To finish off the fire cleanup, the commercial fire damage will remove and dispose of all items that are too damaged for repairs. Many of the companies handle the disposal with the option of making purchases to replace the items under the supervision of the client.

Repair and Renovation

This is the last and crucial step in the restoration process after a fire damage. This includes restoring furniture damaged in the fire, repainting the walls and ceilings and installing new carpets. The purpose of this stage of the restoration process is to get your furniture looking as good as new once again after smoke and soot damage. A good commercial fire damage company will go a step further and renovate the property leaving it looking better than before the fire.

After the entire process is through, the restoration company hold a debriefing meeting with the victims of the fire that includes, how to prevent fires in the future, design ways to reduce fire triggers on the property, and installation of smoke smell detectors to prevent more damage from fire in home as well as fire in business.
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