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Breaking the Mold: Good. Growing Mold, Not So Much. Call SERVPRO of North Thornton/Brighton.

Water leaks that go unchecked in your business produce higher-than-normal business and cause a variety of damage. They also allow mold and other microbial growth to flourish. At SERVPRO® of North Thornton/Brighton, our expertly trained professionals have the skills, experience, and the tools to find and get rid of active mold (the term we’ll use for all microbial growth from now on) and to remediate the damage.

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Let’s get the reality check done first. We don’t want science teachers, people from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), or mycologists (those who study fungi) to hate us, but nearly everyone else calls the icky microbial stuff “mold” and so will we. That said, we’ll get on with the explanation.

If your equipment had a slow leak over several days, or a rainstorm flooded part of your office that didn’t get dried, you probably have mold. Mold spores (and we do mean mold spores) are everywhere – indoors and out. After 24 to 48 hours of exposure to even a little extra moisture, the spores open and the mold grows. Mold grows faster than babies and teenagers. Mold, for its size, eats more than babies and teenagers eat. Mold is even more destructive than babies and teenagers.

It takes specialized training, cleaners, and fungicides to find and get rid of mold. It also takes training to get rid of all the moisture, so the mold doesn’t return. The EPA requires businesses to hire professional mold-remediation companies to handle the damage. At SERVPRO of North Thornton/Brighton we are licensed to do so. We can also walk you through the EPA regulations for Thornton, for Colorado, and for the federal government.

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At SERVPRO of North Thornton/Brighton, We Know Mold is a No-No

Okay, it’s fine when it’s used in antibiotics and in some cheeses, but when it’s eating through your workspace, equipment, furniture, and inventory? No.

Identifying mold requires specialized education. Mold that is blue, for example, is not necessarily the mold that makes blue cheese. As far as business owners are concerned, it doesn’t matter. You don’t want the mold in your business regardless of its type.

Mold is unsightly and has a musty smell. Worse, it eats almost anything including:

  • Human skin cells (which we shed daily, are all through your building and on most surfaces)
  • Wood
  • Paint, wallpaper, some plastics
  • Cotton, wool, linen, other fabrics
  • Rugs, carpets, upholstery
  • Drywall
  • Insulation
  • … and more

Call us. We’ll get rid of the moisture and the mold, then we’ll make the damage “Like it never even happened.”


Fungi need symbiotic relationships with plants (like trees) because they can’t make their own nutrients.

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