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Mold Problem

Mold? No ProblemIf there is a water problem, you will most likely find mold as well. Unfortunately, water and mold go hand in hand. There are many different way... READ MORE

Leader in Water Damage Restoration

After a water loss in the kitchen of this local home, our SERVPRO team was called to action. SERVPRO of North Thornton/Brighton is the leader in the w... READ MORE

Here to Help!

After a water loss, the water will find a way to migrate and move as far as it can possibly go. SERVPRO of North Thornton/Brighton arrived o... READ MORE

Water Damage? No Problem

This family experienced water damage at the worst possible time when they were away on vacation. In most cases, our water restoration jobs we do come from ... READ MORE

Home Floors are Saved

If the wood floors are dried quickly after a water loss, they can most often be saved. Due to the grooves in the wood flooring, water can seep in under the wood... READ MORE

What to Do After A Water Loss

If you experience water damage in your home or business, it is important to act fast and get help to minimize the damage done. Here are a few tips of ... READ MORE

Brighton Restaurant Damaged by Hail Storm

This local restaurant was hit by the severe hail storm in Brighton early this summer. When the drainage system overflowed, water started pouring into the buildi... READ MORE

Mold Mitigation in Wine Cellar

The ideal conditions for the storage of wine is at an average temperature of 55 degrees fahrenheit with a relative humidity of 60 percent. Ironically, the condi... READ MORE

Restoration of Bathroom in Brighton

As you can see, the bathroom of this residential Brighton house had been neglected for an extended period of time, but SERVPRO of North Thor... READ MORE

Deep Cleaning of Residential Brighton Kitchen

The kitchen of this residential Brighton home was in severe need of attention, in order to keep this family healthy and happy. SERVPRO of North Thornton and Bri... READ MORE